Friday, July 19, 2013

A Rather Cavalier Attitude

If I were to ask you,

"What are the premiere destinations for NBA free agents?"

How would you respond? 

If all things were equal and you had to choose a place that a marquee free agent would like to spend a few years of his life, I guarantee that Cleveland would not be one of the cities mentioned. If you had to pick a team that a young star would like to play for, the Cavaliers most certainly would not be one of the organizations likely to roll off your tongue. Teams like the Knicks or Nets in the basketball Mecca of New York City would be more likely responses. Perhaps the Lakers or Clippers in La-La land (where they don't have an NFL team and NBA players are treated like rock stars!) might be in the discussion as well.

But all things are not equal these days. Franchises like the Lakers, Clippers, Knicks, and Nets in glamourous cities like Los Angeles and New York simply do not have the disposable cash to pay a marquee free agent like Andrew Bynum. 

The Cavaliers did.

This has been a productive offseason for a team coming off another disappointing 24-win season following Lebron's unceremonious departure. Now that I think about it, Lebron's departure was quite ceremonious. There was a prime time TV special to announce it and a big welcome party with fireworks, smoke machines, a marching band, dancers, and the whole nine. But that's another story...

The Cavaliers now have a center who can dominate the East as long as his knees remain unswollen. Teaming him up with Anderson Varejao (who was averaging over 14 and 14 last season) makes him even more scary. Add Tristan Thompson and Tyler Zeller into the fold and you have a very deep front court. Having this depth will actually help Anthony Bennet in the long run. This year's number 1 overall pick will have veterans to mentor him, young guys to compete with in practice, and will not be forced into the starting lineup and the unrealistic expectations that go along with it prematurely.

The Cavaliers already have a good back court. It could become a great one. Kyrie Irving is a star who has emerged as one of the best point guards in the East. There is no disputing that. There is also no disputing that he has not yet reached his full potential. After a stellar rookie campaign, Irving became the scorer and playmaker that the Cavs were hoping he could be, averaging over 22 points and dishing almost 6 assists per game last season. The reigning 3-Pt Shootout champ will undoubtedly make teams pay early and often when they double team Andrew Bynum. 

Dion Waiters was certainly one of the bright spots for the Cavs last season. Waiters is a natural shooting guard who can create his own shot. The former Syracuse sixth man also showed the potential to be effective in pick and rolls. Waiter's ability to catch and shoot the ball efficiently should complement Irving's playmaking abilities nicely. His 33 point game versus the Kings showed just how dangerous he can be when teams turn their focus on Irving. One would expect both Irving and Waiters' offensive efficiency to improve as the two get more comfortable playing together, which is a scary thought for a tandem already scoring almost 40 points per game.

Landing Sergey Kasarev with the 19th pick could prove to be the steal of the Draft. The Cavs have little depth at the small forward position and shoot the 3 very poorly.  This kid fills both of those needs. The 6'7" Kasarev is adept at playing both the shooting guard and small forward positions and shot a blistering 49% from downtown in the Eurocup tournament last year. The 19 year old lefty appears to be one of the most NBA ready European players available and could contribute immediately.

Bynum wasn't the only player the Cavs added via free agency. Earl Clark was the most promising young player that the Lakers had last year. The Cavaliers were able to lure him away with a $9 million contract that the Lakers had no way of matching. Los Angeles being a farm team for Cleveland. Who'da thunk it?! Jarret Jack was one of Golden State's most valuable players, particularly in the postseason. The Warriors were forced to release him to make room for Andre Iguodola which meant that the Cavs were able to swoop in and sign the Sixth Man of the Year candidate. 

Cavs' GM Chris Grant has taken his share of criticism over the past few years. Many disagreed with him drafting Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters. Both appear to be panning out. Some criticized his lack of moves in free agency last year. You could just as easily argue that he was biding his time to sign impact players this year. Whether it is by luck or design, (or some combination of both) it appears that he has put together a very competitive squad that is poised to make the Playoffs. Seeing Irving and Bynum as All-Stars next year wouldn't surprise anybody. If Varejao has the type of season he had last year, him making it on the 2nd team isn't a stretch either. The Cavaliers making the Playoffs with 3 All-Stars on the roster. Who'da thunk it?! 

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